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When your voice runs away from home Episode 5

When your voice runs away from home

· 11:29

Cloning a voice can today be done with less than a minute of recorded material. But are you aware of who is using your voice and for what?

Your daughter, on vacation, calls you in a state of panic to let you know that she and her friend are having trouble with a payment. Please can you send some money to her friend so they can pay for the hotel room. What do you do? Your safest option is to hang up and call your daughter back. It may sound exactly like Sophie but that doesn't mean it is.

Fraud with the use of cloned voices is becoming more common. Phone calls where people are conned out of their money has been going on for decades, but the novelty today is that the voice at the other end can be a voice you know. Perhaps even a voice you share a home with.

Blog post: When your voice runs away from home

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