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The ability that makes me who I am Episode 1

The ability that makes me who I am

· 04:35

"But what is it you really work with, Per?"

I get this question from time to time in the workplace. Over the years it has, contrary to my expectations, become harder to answer. Not because I do not know, but because it is not readily summarised in an easily digestible product name.

Clients wish to purchase UX, or accessibility, or something else to do with digital design. Or perhaps a workshop facilitator, coach or course leader. Someone who fits in a template.

My strength, and weakness, has always been that I do not fit the template. And do not wish to. I can be all the things asked for. On paper. But I also must be allowed to be something more. Maybe that's why, 13 years ago, I started my own company.

I am a listener.

I listen to what you say. And intensely to what you do not say. It might align with tone of voice, choice of words, or body language. But I have difficulty explaining it any other way than this: when I listen I can hear what you already know but haven't yet heard yourself say.

Blog post: The ability that makes me who I am

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