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Digital tools, smart devices, AI and virtual worlds are celebrated for the problems they solve, while the problems they create are concealed or glossed over.

My name is Per Axbom and I’m a Swedish communication theorist born in Liberia. My international upbringing, my early 80s computer enthusiasm, aligned with a passion for responsible innovation, has resulted in a deep concern for human rights in a digital context.

I want to boost general knowledge about harmful impact and encourage balanced and honest conversations about possible, plausible and desirable futures.

After blogging for more than 25 years about the human perspective in digitalisation I am adding to my channels yet another podcast. You get brief insights in episodes around 7 minutes that can be listened to on a whim, and from time to time some longer expansions on current phenomena.

Do use the episodes as triggers for reflection but also conversation with people in your circles of trust.

The future is not predetermined and not something we can just leave to others to decide over. The future is something we together contribute to through our decisions. But this means we must also better understand the consequences of what we ourselves are doing today. And  right now.

To guide the content I would love to hear from you. What makes you curious? What do you feel is hard to grasp in this rapidly changing world? What you think media is getting wrong and deserves a better explanation? How are you affected when it comes to attention, self-determination and health?

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Per Axbom
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